Order forms are now online for MidAmerican Energy Company's residential customers in the Waterloo area to purchase discounted trees.

Through MidAmerican Energy's Plant Some Shade Program, customers can purchase up to two, 3 to 8-foot landscape trees for $30 each. Approximately 100 trees are still available, including the 'Skyline' thorn-less honeylocust, 'Donald Wyman' crabapple and eastern white pine.

Tree order forms are available at www.midamericanenergy.com/ia-res-trees.aspx.

Advance purchase is required. Trees will be available for pickup on Thursday, May 5th, from 4 to 6 PM at Byrnes City Park, Campbell and Fletcher Avenues in Waterloo. To ensure all MidAmerican Energy customers have the opportunity to participate, tree purchases are initially limited to two trees per household.

In the event additional trees are available on distribution day, they will be released for purchase at 4 PM on f first-come, first-served basis until all the trees are sold.

The Plant Some Shade Program promotes long-term energy savings by encouraging residents to plant trees around their homes. Strategically placed deciduous trees provide shade on hot summer days, easing the cooling load on air conditioners, while conifers shield homes from blustery Iowa winter winds.

Plant Some Shade is funded by MidAmerican Energy in partnership with Waterloo Leisure Services and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' Forestry Bureau. For more information, please contact Waterloo Leisure Services at (319) 291-4370.