Take that DVR.

In the middle of a live event like a sporting event, TV stations are now going to the 30 second commercial on one box in the screen and your game/event still on in another box.

DVR is the reason for this change. We live in a world where we rarely watch a program when it's actually on. Usually, we DVR a program and then will fast forward through the commercials. Comedian and avid sports fan, Bill Burr, even said on his podcast that he will DVR the Super Bowl, let the game get about an hour and half in, then start the game and fast forward through commercials and the half time show and catch up with the game live in the 4th quarter.

So in order for companies to get you to see their advertising, they will pay for a commercial to play during the game. The announcer will say, "Lets take 30 seconds to hear from [insert company here]." Because you aren't going to fast forward 30 seconds just between plays. It really is a cleaver way to get around people DVR'ing an event and still getting the commercial seen.