If you are lazy like me and just like ordering in, then you need to check out the sweepstakes give away that McDonald's and La-Z-Boy have teamed up to create! They are trying to promote the idea that "going out is overrated" and have created the perfect couch with all the necessities you need for a night in.

This "McDelivery" couch not only includes comfort of course but so many amenities to make a perfect night including; light-up cupholders, adjustable seats, a cozy branded blanket and built-in phone chargers. If that's not enough, well I left out the best part...McFlurry Chillers! Yep, this couch will have coolers built into the center consoles meant to keep your McFlurry at 33 degrees.

Sounds like something you NEED right? Well, you can get a chance to win one by going to Twitter and sharing the McDonald's item menu that you would enjoy while enjoying your couch. Make sure to include the tags #McDeliverySweepstakes, @UberEats, and @McDonalds and you could win! The sweepstakes will go from today through April 8 and allows for up to one entry per person per day.