As the United States tried to come to terms with the horrific event that unfold in Las Vegas, the lights on Las Vegas Stripe were dimmed in honor of the victims of Sunday's Route 91 Festival shooting.

To be honest, I really don't know how to describe how I feel. For lack of a better word, I've settled on 'numb' for the time being, but don't mistake that choice to mean that I have no emotions about what happened.

In fact, quite the opposite. There are a wide range of emotions that are dancing in my head, and I'm sure I'm not alone. When I'm overcome with a torrid of emotions, I've always tried to take a step back, and then deal with the array of emotions individually.

Sadness. My heart aches for the victims families and friends. Anger. I'm mad that someone has a total disregard for their fellow man (and woman too). Shock. 'This is never happens in the U.S.A.' is not true anymore. Disgust. The sun had barely crusted the horizon the next day, and political pundits were already on their pulpits pushing their agendas, and now that snowball is thundering down the hill.

And the list goes on and on form there.

I've always felt that the old saying 'Time heals all wounds' is true, but it does little to help the scars that are left behind. That's were our circle of family and friends come into play. Those scars may never disappear, but there is always someone available to help you coop with the residual pain.

Is there a need to discuss and learn from what took place in Las Vegas? Well of coarse there is, but with tempered restraint. In this day and age, society tends to steamroll their agenda(s) without any regard to human emotions. Forest for the trees, people. Forest for the trees.