K98.5's student of the week goes to a vary special and heartwarming 7th grader at Hoover Middle School, Thomas Y.!

Tiffany Kay

Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay got to meet this sweet kid this week and the welcoming was overwhelming! His teachers and fellow classmates were there to see this special moment occur as well as his parents!


Tiffany Kay

So what is so special about Thomas? Well, let's see exactly why he was nominated:

"Thomas goes above and beyond when learning social skills this year and including other students. Thomas is always smiling and it puts other students at ease. He works very hard to learn skills around the school that will help assist other students and teachers (watering plants, baking goods for bake sales, navigating the school, and running errands for teachers). If somebody needs an errand ran, Thomas is a student that can always be counted on!"

Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay can attest to how kind and excited he seemed to be and it was a great way to start off the school week for him! Check out how excited he was by looking at a video on our K985 Waterloo Instagram/Facebook!