Our next Student of the Week is a deserving young lady who is a stand out in her class.... Kaaliyah Cox! Kaaliyah is a 5th grader at Cunningham with a busy life style.

"She is very eager to learn and raising her hand all the time. She like to help others and make new friends. She is very busy with school, school sports and outside of school activities. She is a busy lil woman."

Her mom nominated her and as you can see she is deserving of learning how to balance school and life in only 5th grade! Most adults can't even do that now. Knowledge is power and Kaaliyah already recognizes that with her eagerness to learn.

Not only that, but when we went to visit Kaaliyah to giver her some K98.5 swag and a certificate her teacher encouraged her to give a speech and she thanked her mom for nominating her and always supporting her and you could tell how much she loves her mom. It takes a village to raising a child and her mom is doing a pretty great job.

Congratulations Kaaliyah! Keep up the hard work!