Joey + Rory just shared a picture that’s too cute for words. Someone stitched three (or more) red and white checkered baker's hats, which arrived in the mail this week, and Joey Feek posed with her 1-year-old daughter and a sister for a picture in them.

Joey is seen sitting up in bed, smiling for the photo posted on the duo’s Facebook page, but it's little Indiana who steals the scene. She’s been the topic of a few updates as of late. On Tuesday (Nov. 17), Indiana's 21-month birthday, Joey + Rory re-shared a video called "The Birth of Indiana." Rory Feek’s most recent This Life I Live blog post reveals that Joey is hoping she'll live to see Christmas, or even Indiana’s second birthday in February.

The last few weeks have felt like a goodbye tour for 40-year-old Joey Feek. She’s battling end-stage cancer, although it’s not clear how much time she has left to spend with her daughters, husband and parents. Last week a bus full of friends from Tennessee drove up to where Joey is staying in Indiana. Laughter and tears filled the day, and each had a chance to have a conversation with the singer before she departs. The simple wooden box she hopes to buried in and a quilt she asked to have wrapped around her were also on board.

Rory Feek’s blog posts haven’t deviated from a mission he shared earlier on. When the couple ended treatment, he said they weren’t coming home to die, but to live. Every word he’s written since has been full of life and love. It’s an extraordinary story he’s telling, one fans and other country artists have lined up to support. Fans have begun a campaign to get Joey + Rory’s 2012 track “When I’m Gone” to the top of the iTunes singles chart. Find it at this link.

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