Today is the day formerly known as Secretaries Day now known by its more politically correct and convoluted name: Administrative Professionals Day. So will your company do anything for its administrative professionals today? Depending on your job, do you think you will get anything? Fingers crossed.

As far as Administrative Professionals receiving something from the office... according to PR NewsWire, 20% of managers say nope, we're good.

The rest will do SOMETHING, although exactly what is all over the place. Check it out: .

  • 43% will have a celebration or lunch at work.
  • 40% will give a present, like a gift card or flowers.
  • 35% will praise them during a meeting.  Woo-hoo.
  • 27% will give them a handwritten thank you note.  Woo-hoo.
  • And 14% will bring in an educational guest speaker.  WOO HOO. That's... fun.

It's a holiday right? How about an extended lunch and some 'Happy Hour' cocktail action? Everyone wins when the second half of the day is unproductive, sloppy mess, right? Bingo.