Take it from guys, they are really useful.

I used to argue with girls growing up, who has it harder, men or women. I did my best to defend guys and say how much harder we have it... we don't. Girls have it way harder than guys. But, to be fair, girls put a lot of that pressure on themselves. As I came to learn that guys have it way easier, it started making me angry when I would see girls wasting time or effort on something a guy would fix right away. Like seeing girls will really small purses... I would be like, "gah, why would ya? Just get a pocket." I didn't know that they just didn't make jeans without pockets for girls.

It took a kickstarter campaign to actually rectify this. A husband and wife team who attended MIT recently started selling stylish jeans for girls that actually have useful pockets. They are called Radian Jeans that have deep enough pockets to hold a phone, billfold and more. To a guy, this is so much more convenient than a purse.

Seeing girls with purses is something guys just deal with. Girls have 900 things going on in that purse and we don't want to look in there at all. We REALLY don't want to hold your purse while you go do something else.

Guys have "the 3 pocket tap". Before we leave the house we tap our three pockets that hold our phone, wallet, and keys. If one of those pockets is empty, it's a wave of panic that consumes us. But if you have all three, you know you are free to walk out of the house.... so much better. (That being said, if you have a phone that clips to your belt... please end that look.)

To see Radian Jeans kickstarter, click here.