Mornings… Ugh. Most of us who have to get up very early would describe mornings this way. They are a menace and very unforgiving. No matter if you are a morning person or not, getting up before dawn is never pleasant and honestly our bodies really do not want us to start our days that early. But do we listen to our bodies? Of course not! We listen to our bosses at work that tell us what time to be there in the morning, our unforgiving kids who have way too much energy to wake us up, and even our dogs who decide they have to go potty at 5 am.

So, it does not seem like we have much of a choice of becoming morning people or not. I mean let’s face it, I am not a morning person and am up every day at 4:30 AM for morning radio because I love my job. Now the only thing we can do about this is to find ways to make waking up a little easier.

If you are like me and are afraid you will hit snooze more times than actually getting up and out of bed, you could set the alarm on the other side of the room so you have to actually get out of bed to turn it off and then you are already up and moving. I know it may be a little too much exercise in the morning but at least you will be awake!

Another idea is to get a dog. I know I said before that dogs are sometimes the cause of having to wake up early, but if you have to wake up for something else instead of the dog you can do this instead. Train the dog to bark at the time you are supposed to get up and they will continue barking until you get up to let them out. So, for those of you who are heavy sleepers, this is the perfect solution!

Other ideas include just have kids as they will definitely wake you up in plenty of time, caffeine is always helpful, and finding a situation that makes you excited to get up in the morning! Hopefully these ideas will make it a little easier getting out of bed every day. Honestly though, you could just not do it because getting up early is definitely a trap… adulting sucks sometimes.