Have you ever regifted a present for Christmas or even birthdays? I will be honest, I definitely have. I don’t think that it is a bad thing as long as you do not give it back to the same person (a mistake that has been made by many people)! We know that the gifts we get are usually thoughtful gifts picked out by people we love whom think they really know us. However, sometimes they miss the mark on the gift and rather than hurt their feelings and tell them this we put it in a closet somewhere to forget about or regift later.

We all have a reason to regift presents and a survey recently asked 2,000 people what those reasons are. The most common answers were that they couldn’t use it, they already owned that gift, or they just plain didn’t like it. At least you didn’t come right out and tell them that right?

Honestly, regifting can be a great thing because not only does the item actually get used but even if you did not want it, someone out there somewhere really did want it. So, in the end it’s a win-win because you are able to get someone what they really want and not hurt someone else’s feelings by telling them you didn’t like it. Also, you save a little money, but let’s not talk about that.

If you want to know some of the other common answers as to why people regift items you can check out the full article below. Maybe the article will change your mind on regifting?