It's the "Workin' Man's Beer". It's inexpensive and does the job. AND, it's the favorite beer of Iowa. It also gives a hell of a hangover.

The calculations have been, ummm, calculated. Some, smarter-than-we-are, person(s) scientifically combed through all the data and gave the world the results. And the results?

Busch Light is Iowa's Favorite Beer. Say, WHAAAAAAAAA?

The good news is that the hipster freaks that decided that IPA was good didn't win this one. Hey, to each their own, but when a trend hits, every lemming, (lemmings would follow each other over cliffs), follows and IPA is a trend. Just so you know.

According to “The Geography of Beer”, a book written by scholars Ate Poorthuis and Matthew Zook, Busch Light is what we buy and throat swallow in Iowa.

Bud Light leads the pack across the U.S., Iowa is all about that Busch Light. You may ask why Busch Light? Consider this, Busch Light is inexpensive. That's all we have. Just that. Because if you ask any one of us here, it tastes like watered down Bud. We no likey watered down alcohol. EVER!

BUT, Be proud of who you are. You like Busch Light? Good....keep being you.