Back-to-School time is upon us. Whether it's Pre-K or finishing your doctoral program, EVERYONE is heading back to school.

Our great friends at WalletHub have just come out with the Best and Worst Community Colleges in the nation and yes, they did rank some Iowa schools.
WalletHub analysts rated and ranked 821 Community Colleges from around this great nation of ours. For the metrics and Methodology CLICK HERE.

As far as Iowa schools go, and more specifically, Northeast Iowa Schools, here's how they ranked, and remember this is out of over 800 schools.

  • North Iowa Community College was at the top of Iowa at #162
  • NICC ranked 2nd in NE Iowa, coming in at #194
  • Hawkeye Community College came in #250

For the rest of the Community Colleges and ranks, just hover over the map above or CLICK HERE.

Helene Fuld College of Nursing (NY) came in at #1 and Hudson County Community College (NJ) was last.

WalletHub also ranked each state's Community College System, in which Iowa Schools did much better, ranked at #15 out of the 50 states with Delaware, Rhode Island and Vermont not having systems.

CLICK HERE for the complete list

(Source: WalletHub)