As we already had our first snowfall in Iowa, I feel there is a need to share the Iowa Snow Survival Guide for anyone who is not from Iowa, like me. I have been warned by many people that although I have experienced snow in Ohio, it is nothing like the snowfalls in Iowa. I mean let’s be honest, when it snows in Ohio we run around in shorts with a heavy coat because it will most likely melt in the same day and become 90 degrees. However, I have been informed that that is not the case here and I am in for a culture shock.

So I asked for some tips to survive this winter and not get trapped in the snow and here is a list of what you Iowans suggested for survival.

  1. A warm jacket, hat, and gloves
  2. Window scraper
  3. Hot cocoa
  4. Thickly cover all areas of body to avoid skin hurting from cold
  5. Don’t drive a mustang
  6. Always have wine for those times you may get snowed in
  7. Just stay home

I think this is a pretty good list to get all of us out-of-towners ready for the snow! I especially think that staying home with wine is the best suggestion, none of us would get fired for not showing up for work because of the snow right?

Let’s see how handy these tips come in for when it really starts snowing! Hopefully I survive the winter and if I don’t, well it was nice getting to know all you Iowans! If you have more suggestions for how to survive the Iowa snow add them to our Facebook page here.