It's Back To School Season! Your kids may not be ready to go back but I know some of you parents are ready for them to go back! However, what you may not be ready for is how much you may spend to get your kids prepared.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I LOVED back to school shopping, literally my favorite thing of the year ( I know, I'm weird). However, as I got older I realized my parents did not have the same feelings because of how much everything cost to get ready to go back. According to a recent Retail Me Not survey, how much parents will have to pay for back to school shopping has gone up in the past years and it's the same for 2019.

Parents in Iowa and all over the country will spend an average of $507 on back to school shopping... WHAT?! I never knew how much notebooks and pencils could cost but that number is actually up $40 from 2018. Unfortunately, parents are worried about affording all the things their kids may need to go back to school, so if you can lend a helping hand and donate school supplies in your area, make sure to help prepare a student in need!