According to the Associated Press and The Sun of Westerly, police in Rhode Island recently arrested an Iowa man who intended to visit pop/country singer Taylor Swifts beach house.

32-year-old David Page Liddle of Des Moines, Iowa was recently arrested Friday in Rhode Island. Residents  of the area had reported that they saw a suspicious man at a boat yard near Swift's home. When police arrived, they found Liddle with a backpack which contained a baseball bat and other commonly found items used for burglaries.

Westerly Chief Shawn Lacey told The Sun of Westerly that when Liddle was asked what he was doing hanging around the singer's home, Liddle replied that he knew Swift personally and wanted to "catch up" with her. Liddle also said that Swift had agreed to help him with his singing career. It was reported that the security guard's at Swift's house had seen Liddle outside the front gate earlier in the day.

Liddle was arrested and held on a $10,000 bond at a recent court appearance on Monday.