We knew we had some clout in the election process, but we didn't know how much as Iowa ranks #2 on the list of Most Powerful Presidential Elections States.

With the presidential election just a few weeks away and voters’ influence varying across state lines, the personal-finance website WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2016’s States with the Most & Least Powerful Voters.

WalletHub’s analysts compared the relative clout of 2016 voters in swinging the presidential and Senate races. In order to make such a comparison, we calculated a Voter Power Score for each state and for each type of election.

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States with the Most Powerful Voters in Presidential Elections

  1. Arizona
  2. Iowa
  3. Alaska
  4. South Dakota
  5. Ohio
  6. Nevada
  7. New Hampshire
  8. North Carolina
  9. Georgia
  10. Florida

Source: WalletHub