To avoid getting a ticket, motorists should be extra cautious when driving through Waterloo the next three weeks. Local police officers are increasing traffic enforcement at several intersections throughout the city.

Starting Monday, (Jan. 25, 2016) and continuing through Feb. 15, Waterloo police will focus on impaired driving and stop sign/red light violations at the following locations:

  • All downtown Waterloo intersections in area bordered by Mullan Ave., and Franklin, 11th, and Washington streets.
  • Intersection of San Marnan Dr. and La Porte Rd.
  • Intersection of Martin Rd. and Ansborough Ave.
  • Intersection of Washington St. (U.S. Highway 218) and East Shaulis Rd.

This special enforcement is being supported by the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The program targets impaired and distracted driving and traffic control violations.

Statistics show many accidents and injuries are caused by impaired/distracted drivers and drivers violating the traffic signals. In the interest of improving safety in the community, Waterloo police are asking all drivers to slow on yellow lights and stop on red, and avoid driving distracted or impaired.