College-bound Iowa youth active in 4-H and/or FFA livestock projects and current undergraduate students may apply for $192,750 in scholarships available from the Iowa Foundation for Agricultural Advancement (IFAA).

There are 68 scholarships available to freshmen entering any Iowa two or four-year, post-secondary institution this fall, 31 scholarships available to current undergraduates attending Iowa State University, 1 scholarship available to a graduate student in agronomy, plus an additional 3 scholarships available to either incoming freshman or undergraduates.

Applicants must major in animal science or a curriculum in agriculture or human sciences that is related to the agriculture industry.

The awards include:

  • One $10,000 one-year scholarship
  • Three $6,250 one-year scholarships
  • Two $6,000 one-year scholarships
  • Eight $5,000 one-year scholarships
  • Five $3,000 one-year scholarships
  • One $2,500 one-year scholarships
  • Twelve $2,000 one-year scholarships
  • Nine $1,500 one-year scholarships
  • Fifty-three $1,000 one-year scholarships
  • Nine $500 one-year scholarships

Applications and additional information are available by visiting the Sale of Champions section of the Iowa State Fair's website (click here) or by calling Harold Hodson at 515-290-8875 or Linda Weldon at 515-291-3941. Selection will be based on level of 4-H/FFA involvement in livestock and other agricultural project work, livestock exhibition and/or judging, scholarship, leadership and career plans.

Applications for current undergraduate students must be postmarked by April 1, and applications for incoming freshmen must be postmarked by May 1. All materials should be sent to IFAA Winner's Circle Scholarship, c/o SGI, 30805 595th Ave., Cambridge, IA 50046.

Winners will be announced during the 2016 Iowa State Fair annual 4-H/FFA Sale of Champions on Saturday, August 20th, an event sponsored by IFAA.