If you have a first date comin' up anytime soon, the Huffington Post has some tips

  • If your date badmouths their ex. If that's how they talk about them, it's probably how they'll talk about you sooner or later.
  • If your date only talk about themselves. They might just be nervous. But if it's an ongoing thing, they're probably not worth it.  And they almost definitely have a big ego.
  • If your date is rude to the waiter. Best case scenario, they're just nervous and want to impress you by making sure everything goes well.  But chances are they're just a jerk.
  • If your date drinks too much. A couple drinks can loosen you up.  And it's not uncommon to drink a little too much when you're nervous.  But it's never a good sign if they get fall-down DRUNK on your first date.
  • If your date admits they've 'ghosted' on people before. That's where you just stop talking to someone instead of breaking things off.  If they've done it before, there's a decent chance they'll do it again. So just save yourself the heartache.
  • If your date seems bored. They might just be trying to play it cool. But if you get the impression they're bored by YOU, don't waste any more time on them.