Are you a plant killer? Apparently a lot of us are and there may be hope for us yet! According to the New York Post, millennials are hiring plant consultants to help keep their plants alive!

That's right, plant consulting is an actual job where they inform their clients of watering schedules, the right type of fertilizer to use, and help to pick out plants that are easy to keep alive (for those of us who can even kill a cactus). Going out of town and worried about your plants dying? Well no need to worry as some consultants even offer plant-sitting services!

According to the article, one plant consultant said he makes an average of $300 per client! Hey, if you are good with plants and looking for a new job this might be the thing for you, if only I wasn't a plant killer then I could making a ton of money.

So yes plant killers, there is hope for us all!