I'm always looking for ways to diversify my income streams, so I decided to try and add another to help pay the bills... 'Internet Stock Photo Star'. My mini-portfolio is below

We've all seen those photos that many web sites use as featured potos for their posts. You see things like someone staring at their mobile phone, and they're about to walk into traffic. Or how some lady wearing headphones looking way too happy dancing to the beat of her own drum. Those are Internet Stock Photos.

The all have something in common. They look & feel fake. As to 'Why' can be debated, but I feel that they lack a sense of real-life emotion tied too them, so I decided that I wanted to try and inject some realism into Internet Stock Photos. This is my mini-portfolio of 'real world' photos.

Let me know what you think of the...

My Internet Stock Photo Star Collection [GALLERY]. 

Do you think there is a market for these?

The more I look at these photos, they appear to be more of a 'daily photo journal' of my life at work then anything else.

Thanks to longtime K-Country Mornings Facebook friend Adam Hoffman for the photo at the top of this post. I call it "Facebook Stalker". He sent that to me after he saw the 'Facebook TMI Post" masterpeice after he made sure I wasn't staring at his personal page.