After dealing with layovers, flight cancellations and changes, and just sitting in an airport for about twenty hours this weekend, you really have nothing better to do after awhile than to people watch. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies and honestly where you learn the most about human nature. However, there are moments when you are people watching that you notice something and just say “why?” Here are some of things that I noticed or made me question if I am doing things wrong in my life.


  1. What to wear to an airport: Ok, guys have it easy as they can kind of get away with anything as long as they have pants, shoes and shirt they are good. However, apparently I was too dressed down for the flights this weekend. I mean the amount of women I saw in fancy dresses or suits with five inch heels on at eight in the morning made me feel like a slob in my yoga pants and sweatshirt. I mean yes, I did just roll out of bed in order to go on a plane back home but apparently you are supposed to be seen at an airport so I will dress accordingly next time.
  2. When you have a delayed flight, everyone on that same flight becomes like your best friends. You are all sharing in the same frustrations because you are either going to miss your connecting flight or have been there six hours already and are tired of sore bottoms from uncomfortable seats. Misery is definitely more fun with company.
  3. There is always one person who seems to know everyone going on your flight. Maybe they have just been on planes alot or on delayed flights but there seemed to be a guy who bounced around to different people and knew everyone. Maybe he just liked hanging out at airports, because I never saw him get on a plane. I mean that is one way to make friends.
  4. Suitcases make for great transportation for kids. Parents who are lugging around big strollers are doing it wrong. Just let them ride on the top of suitcases as you pull it around and you will not have to worry about the extra luggage.. although I would not suggest that for infants.
  5. Selfies at airports. I really do not understand this one. I mean yeah you are going on trips with your family or friends and it is exciting but you haven’t even gotten to the destination yet or are on a plane so why do you want a picture with the family or yourself in front of the airport sign? I promise that is not going to be the most exciting part of the trip...unless your trip was just to go to the airport but if that is true you are vacationing wrong and we need to have a talk.


Airports are strange places but teach me new things every time I go and honestly I could write a whole book on these behaviors. Pay a little closer attention next time you are at an airport and you will understand what I mean.


Oh, and I think I figured out that the airport staff and attendants get their laughs out of the day by switching the gate of the flight at the last minute and making us all run from one end of the airport to the other. Not cool guys, I don’t like that type of exercise.