Searching for the perfect soul mate can be a very daunting task, but thanks to social media, its much easier than it used to be. There's an endless list of dating websites, which is a positive but overwhelming. Back in the day, you had a pond to "go fishin'" in but now there's an entire ocean!

Lucky for us the just came out with a list of things you can do to create the perfect on-line dating profile.

1. Say Cheese - Use a profile picture of yourself that highlights your best feature. Keep in mind that studies say that the best profile images are ones showing the eyes, face and majority of the body. The more you smile, the more clicks you'll get.

2. Make An Effort On Your Personal Profile - Be thorough when it comes to filling outyour personal information.Be honest. Lies tend you come back and bite you later.

3. Skip The Selfie - This means no photos taken in the mirror. It gives a distorted negative view.

Piotr Marcinski


4. Write An Interesting Profile - Describe the things that bring the most enjoyment to your life. Don't just say you love sports, be specific. Maybe you're a HUGE Hawkeye football fan? Or maybe you enjoy getting into sports yourself. If you love to bike, describe where you love to go bicycling.

5. Share YOUR Hopes and Dreams - One of the biggest mistakes people do is not share enough information about what they want from a relationship and what they need. When you are not afraid to share your hopes and dreams, you will find yourself in a healthy relationship that compliments your life goals and hopes.