Well, here we are. Closing in on Labor Day, the start of college and school... the (unofficial) end of summer 2019 has arrived for many Iowans. That means we're likely left with full stomachs, and perhaps even a few extra pounds we'd like to see left behind in the fall. I mean, there's been town festivals, the Iowa State Fair, and of course, BBQ's galore.

Here's some simple ways you can detox after a fun and filling Iowa summer:

  • Instead of aiming to cut out ALL carbohydrates to cut weight, or doing a juice detox, choose something more reasonable, like keeping your sugar intake under 5% of your daily calories or making half your plate vegetables each meal. You'll see those extra summer pounds you may have picked up from deep fried foods and hotdog buns come off your... well, buns.
  • Don't skip breakfast. Especially if you're going back to school. Ya need it in the morning! According to USA Today, you should go for something hearty and healthy morning, like eggs, which have vitamin D and are a good source of protein, a carbohydrate like whole grain bread and a healthy fat like avocado. A veggie omelet works too. Sorry... but it's true
  • Coffee or juice? First, drink water. Lots of it. Hydration is important here. And avoid citrus juices like orange juice, because the acid could irritate your stomach.  Coffee without too much cream and sugar is okay, but it CAN cause heartburn.
  • Get your vitamins! Following a few weeks or even months of poor eating, you’ve probably skipped out on your vitamin intake. Get back to getting those vitamins to restore your system. Vitamins help with your mental clarity, detoxification and cellular health.
  • Get into a gym routine or, get you fitness in outdoors while the weather is still good. To get back on track, pick some exercises you enjoy. These are easier to stick to.