Today is the day: the Iowa Caucuses are finally here. Citizens have numerous presidential candidates to choose from, both Republican and Democrat. But the big question is: how do you caucus?

For the Republicans: registered Republicans meet at the designated caucus site at 7 p.m.

A poll for the preferred presidential candidates will be conducted, counted and announced. Then, participants will elect delegates and committee members. They will also discuss and select party platforms.

For the Democrats: they will also meet at their designated caucus site. You must be registered as a Democrat, or you can register at the caucus site. You have to sign in by 7 p.m., preferably 30-45 minutes before that, as many sites will lock their doors at 7.

The chair will explain the rules, then citizens will break off into their presidential candidate groups. There will also be a spot for those "uncommitted", or not decided yet. If your group is too small to be "viable", a process explained at the beginning, you will be asked to join another group, or get more people to join your group.

After you have a large-enough, "viable" group, county convention delegates will be elected, then you choose local precinct leadership. Participants may then introduce and discuss any party platform resolutions, which will be sent to the County convention platform committee, then to the state convention.

To find your caucus location, click either of the following links:

Locally, for Oelwein residents, the Republican Caucus is at the Oelwein Middle School; the Democratic Caucus is at Wings Park School.