It’s that time of year where the couples come out in packs just to make those of us who are single feel a little worse about ourselves. Honestly, I think all couples have a meeting every year to discuss how much PDA they should show during the holiday season to make the rest of us disgusted but also lonely. However, this year, don’t let it get to you!

I am an avid believer that it is better to be single during the holidays than in a relationship. For those of you whom are saying, “Oh, she is just grumpy and saying this because she is lonely.” Well, you are wrong! Honestly, I say this every year and I have reasons to back it up. So, for the skeptics, read below and then you will understand what I mean.

  1. Saving money on that perfect gift! Honestly this is the best part about being single for the holidays. So much money saved and more to spend on yourself. Also, no stress on finding the perfect gift which can make your holidays a little more relaxing.
  2. Binge-watching all your favorite Hallmark movies: This is self-explanatory. No more dealing with the groans from the significant others for watching the same movies a thousand times.
  3. Don’t have to worry about whose family you are going to for Christmas: This probably causes the most fights and tension in relationships because we all want to see our own families and not necessarily the “in-laws.”
  4. All the leftovers! You get all the Christmas leftovers to yourself, not worrying about having to write your name on it and counting how many cookies you out in your jar so you know if your SO took one…. Wait, is that just me? Well, I do love my cookies!
  5. It is so much more fun to ring in the new year with family and friends rather than worrying about your relationship will be in the new year. You also won’t have a new year’s photo with all your exes, I mean that is more of a waste of space until you find your person.

Next time someone questions why you are single during the holidays, you now have a defense to bring up and can take them to court! Well maybe don’t go that far but you can at least defend yourself and feel better about your decisions.