Iowa's number 1 haunted attraction is Heart of Darkness in Waterloo. Neuman got to tour it. Thank goodness it was during the day.

When I wear a Halloween costume, I want a costume that is going to make someone laugh every time they see it. From wearing a wizard hat and a football jersey and going as a Fantasy Football Player or writing the Lord's Prayer on a white t-shirt and then a jacket over it and going as a Blessing in Disguise, I choose funny over scary.

Heart of Darkness is going to be a highlight for any fan of being scared. From live actors to things flying directly at you, this place is a nightmare. Thursday nights is even a night were you sign a waver and the actors can grab you and there are almost no lights throughout the whole park.

This is the 14th year of Heart of Darkness. Their biggest competition is themselves. Kevin is the owner and he says, "Each year we have to make this place bigger, badder, and scarier." Trust me... they succeeded.

I will have Fast Passes Monday Wednesday and Friday at 3:30. Here is how you can play the NIGHTMARE NARROW DOWN:

I will take 2 callers and give them a clue for a well known scary movie villain (Dracula, Jason, Freddy Kruger) and each clue will narrow down and get easier and easier till we have a winner. Your name is your buzzer and our winner will skip the line at Heart of Darkness!

Neuman KCountry
Neuman KCountry