Hey guys, next time you think about cheating, you might want to think of this story as a deterrent...

There's a 24-year-old woman named Georgia Jackson in Northumberland, England.  Well sadly she recently found out that her 25-year-old boyfriend Josh had been cheating on her even while she was pregnant. They'd been together for four years even though they were not married, nor engaged.

So she got revenge by selling his Xbox One that he loved so much for... $4. Yeah, as in give her a five dollar bill and you get change back.

The retail price is $250, ohhh and she also threw in a $60 headset and a few hundred dollars worth of games. Georgia said she was going to use the $4 to buy a new kitchen knife, since she used one of hers to slash his tires. HA! Dear Georgia's future boyfriend, heed this advice: Don't wrong with this lady!