A new survey has come out all about our TV habits and it is honestly surprising how addicted to TV shows and movies we are. According to the new survey, one out of five people say they have pulled an all-nighter to binge watch a TV show. I actually feel relieved to learn this because it means I am not the only addict to stay up all night constantly telling myself, “just one more episode,” when I know I might as well get comfy and ride it out. I think we all just like closure and don’t like leaving things unfinished so we just have to finish the entire season! Or at least that is the excuse that I am telling everyone.

However, this survey revealed more than just our all-night binging habits. Apparently, most of us are addicted to TV more than we realize;

  • One in 10 people have squeezed in an episode of a show they were binging during their lunch break from work.
  • 5% of people have taken a fake sick day mainly to catch up on TV.
  • One in seven people say they mainly spend their vacations from work catching up on TV shows.
  • 20% of people say SPOILING a TV show . . . even an old one . . . is worse than forgetting a friend's birthday.

Ok so the statistic about spoiling a show being worse than forgetting a friend’s birthday may be a little far-fetched or those of you who believe that need to sort out your priorities. Yet, I think I fall into most of those statistics. I mean what can I say, TV is was more entertainment than work ever will be and can definitely be relaxing… until your favorite character dies, then no one will have a good day.