If you are like me and just happen to have missed your letter from Hogwarts in the mail when you were 11, then this is your chance to go!

Some fans of the Harry Potter series have put together a website called "Hogwarts is Here," where you can take online courses from the school to get your Hogwarts degree. This site was created back in 2014 for all Harry Potter fans to take courses ranging from charms to herbology to the history of magic and even Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Students of Hogwarts will go through lesson by lesson in each course with reading and writing assignments and even quizzes and tests that must be taken. However it is not all about school work, students will also pick a house to be a part of and then can socialize by playing games of Quidditch.

So get your school books ready because it is time to learn all about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.