Happy National Spouse Day! Your spouse is most likely your other half who will love and cherish you and whom you will love and cherish hopefully for the rest of your lives! I am sure you all remember your honeymoon period where you were all lovey-dovey and nothing could go wrong. Well, I am also sure you realize as time goes on there are probably a lot of things your significant other does to annoy you.

A recent survey has come out with the Top 10 things your spouse does that annoys you.

1.  Selective listening.

2.  Snoring.

3.  Being a control freak.

4.  Not financially responsible.

5.  Gross habits like nose picking, flatulence, and burping.

6.  Not contributing enough to housework.

7.  Messy habits like leaving dirty clothes on the floor.

8.  Works too much.

9.  Doesn't get along with your parents.

10.  Always forgets your anniversary

So maybe you agree with some of these things that annoy you about your spouse. Let's be honest there is something everyone does that annoys most of us. But, we also have to remember all the things we appreciate about our siginificant others that make us fall in love with them every day. The Top 10 things people said that they appreciate about their spouse are:

1.  Hard working.

2.  You can be yourself around them.

3.  Makes you laugh.

4.  Smart.

5.  Supportive of your goals.

6.  Great parent.

7.  Sexy.

8.  Good with money.

9.  Does the dishes.

10.  Buys you things.

Let your spouse know how much you appreciate them today!