When you wake up after a DRUNK night out, do you find yourself worrying about all the horrible things you may've done? Well, now there is a term for it: Hangxiety. And according to a new study out of University College in London, it's a very, VERY real thing.

The researchers say the more shy you are, the worse you probably suffer from it because, you know, shy people aren't used to being as loud and obnoxious as when they're drinking.

In the study done by the University, they focused on just under 100 people who had to first take a test to figure out their level of shyness (seems scary if you're shy and have test anxiety). Then they were told to drink and socialize. Later on, the shy ones became more and more anxious that they said or did something stupid. So in other words, when really shy people drink, they're not actually all that relaxed. Yikes.