In a relationship, it is hard to tell when one or the other wants to take that next big step... whether it's going on another date, becoming exclusive or you know, getting engaged. More often than not, the woman knows when she is ready to get engaged and is just waiting on the guys to propose. For the guys, sometimes they aren't as prompt about this subject and can leave the girl waiting for a long time just for the ring. However, maybe the guy is not sure whether the girl is ready to get engaged, this is where they need to start keeping an eye out for HINTS.

They may be subtle or not so subtle hints, but either way women try to help men know when the right "time" is. Here are the top 5 hints women will leave when they are ready to get engaged... Guys, pay attention!

1.  You notice her watching a lot of shows or movies about weddings or proposals.

2.  She keeps talking about weddings, or other people who got engaged.

3.  She buys wedding magazines, and leaves them out where you can see them.

4.  She forwards you emails from jewelry brands.

5.  When you walk by a jewelry store, she stops to look at rings in the window.