The "Grudge Nationals" was created after's Bucky Doren and's Cory Ford debated about who was the better driver. Dirt Track Racing's Corey Ford and Scott Hogan joined the two in this dirt track grudge match.'s Will Bradley served as the Grudge Nationals Grand Marshall.

This three part video series follows are two drivers as the prepare and eventual compete in the first ever Grudge Nationals. Episode 1 (The Practice) will be released Wednesday, January 27, 2016. The following two episodes will be released the following Wednesdays.

Belwo you can watch a preview of this reality/documentary/comedy/we don't take ourselves to seriously video event.

A special thanks to 175 Speedway track owners Rick & Kim Dripps for opening their gates for this dirt track event.

While you wait for the latest Grudge Nationals release, please vote in our first ever Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic. Your votes power your favorite drivers to the finish line.