The second episode of the Grudge Nationals video series has been released. “The Qualifying” follows Bucky Doren and Cory Ford as they qualify for their big dirt track race.

In Episode 1, The Practice,'s Bucky Doren and's Cory Ford found out that they were each teamed up with a dirt track racing star. Scott Hogan was assigned as Bucky's crew chief, and Corey Dripps was assigned as Cory's crew chief.

Later in Episode 1, Team Cory had trouble with pre-race inspection. Track officials found an illegal spring on their cart. Cory and Corey also found shelled peanuts next to that illegal spring. Elsewhere, Bucky had a 'mishap' during a pit stop.

This time, we watch the two wannabe dirt track racers attempt to qualify for their Grudge Nationals Super Feature.

GRUDGE NATIONALS: Episode 2, The Practice