The iconic 80's sitcom about older, single women living together in Miami is the show we all fell in love with. Whether you love Dorothy's savage comments, Sophia's brutal honesty, Blanche's lusty southern belle quality, or Rose's naivety and gullibility, you know you want to live their lives when you get older. Well, the Golden Girls cruise will give a chance to experience it early.

The Golden Girl's at Sea cruise is set to sail in 2020 taking off from the Golden Girl's home town of Miami and around the Western Caribbean. This 5 day once-in-a-lifetime experience will include a bar crawl,a fancy dress party and dinner, bingo night, karaoke at Blanche’s old haunt, the Rusty Anchor, a Golden Girls stage show with drag queens and more!

How much better could this get?! Well, if the actual characters/actors were to show up that would be the icing on the cake but since that will not happen, it really can't get any better. Does this sound like your dream cruise? Check out the full Thrillist article to find out how much costs and more information and start planning your 2020 cruise!