Mark Patrick Hypnosis is coming to Waterloo for 1 DAY ONLY, on Saturday, March 12, 2016. Lose weight or stop smoking NOW through hypnosis. There will be two seminars, one for weight loss and the other to quit smoking. Both will be held at the Waterloo Center For The Arts, 225 Commercial St. Waterloo, IA.

If you are tired of the weight loss roller coaster and you want to get healthy, this is the seminar for you! You could be like Sister Mary Ann who's lost 44 pounds thanks to Mark Patrick Hypnosis. Here's Mary's testimonial.

Sony from Virginia shared her weight loss story of success from attending a Mark Patrick Weight Loss Seminar!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Mark Patrick weight loss seminars.

Q: What do you cover during the weight loss program?

A:  At our seminar, you will discover the truth about weight loss. The first part of the program will cover how hypnosis works and what to expect during the session. We also teach you the latest scientific research designed to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (resting metabolism) and balance out hormones in your body such as insulin, estrogen, testosterone.

The first part gives you all the information needed so that under hypnosis, (the second part of the seminar) you don't need to analyze what is being said, and you can relax and concentrate fully during hypnosis.

There will be an actual hypnosis session, using a method called Clinical Waking Hypnosis, where everyone is hypnotized as a group. Our seminars typically have between 20 to 150 people attend. The seminar is in 2 parts with a short break in between.

Q: How will I know if the hypnosis session worked for me?

A: Typically we will go through 8-10 subtle signs that the hypnosis worked. Usually having a few of these means it was a successful session.

Q: How does the guarantee work?

A: After attending one of our seminars, you must be completely satisfied.  If not we will give you a full refund at seminar’s end - no waiting... We offer this money-back guarantee for one reason and one reason only... We designed this weight loss and stop smoking technology to work! It’s just that simple. Plus if you ever want reinforcement, you may attend any similar Mark Patrick Seminar FOR FREE-FOR LIFE.