Country legend Garth Brooks joined the's Bucky-n-Brooks to talk about music, Trisha's projects, and his food/sandwich invention.

The one major thing we took away from our chat with Garth was how easy it was to talk to him. It felt more like we were hanging out at the coffee shop sharing stories. We probably could have wasted the day going back and forth with each other.

"It's the whole live gig. That's my favorite part, because all the walls are gone. It's you and these people and their voices and your voice, and it is amazing. It's a hell of a ride." - Garth Brooks

Brian Ach, Getty Images

You can hear the love for music and performing in his voice when we talked about music. You can here the same admiration for his wife Trisha Yearwood, but we also got a glimpse of his sense of humor when he said laughing, "I'm known as Mr. Yearwood around the farm."

Speaking of Trisha, Lainie Brooks, no relation despite her wishing there was, talked about one of her favorite moments from Triisha's Food Network cooking show. It was when Garth sneaked a huge piece of lasagna to make a 'Lasagna Sandwich'.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood both come to the Wells Fargo Arena at the end of April for one unforgettable night of music. Tickets go on-sale Friday, March 11, 2016 at 10:00 AM. Click here for all the details.