Here are some fun things you can do with your Alexa besides play K98.5.

Being an owner of a home assistant, sometimes you just draw a blank on all the things your device can actually do. Here are some helpful skills you can enable for your Alexa.

Scare off crooks with the "Away Mode"

Wavebreakmedia Ltd-Thinkstock

Away mode will activate the lights at random times while you are gone so it looks like you are home. Yes, this has been done with light timers before but what Alexa can do is tape conversations so to a burglar, it sounds like people are home also. That's some total Home Alone magic right there.

Turn your car on


If your car looks like this in the morning, it would be good to tell Alexa to turn your car on for you so it's nice and warm before you start brushing all that off.

You can start your day with some inspiration with the "Inspire Me Skill"


If you need a jolt in the morning, you can have your Alexa give you an inspiring quote to help you get motivated to start your day.

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