I decided to combine my Food Tour Friday with my first ever Black Hawk games this weekend and try out the Young Arena food. Whether you are a fan of stadium food or not, its kind of a tradition to get the most greasy and worst things to eat in order to clog those arteries and that is what I did two days in a row! Now my body probably did not like me for this but my taste buds thanked me!

I kept being told that I have to try the cheese curds at the arena. Now I found that kind of odd because I was like they can’t be that amazing for this many people telling me to try it but I was WRONG! The cheese literally melted in my mouth and I honestly could eat those every day for the rest of my life if I could live off of it. I also had a classic hot dog and chicken strips which were also very good. The best part is they cost so much less than at my professional stadium back in Ohio, which would be like $30 for 3 chicken strips, so thank you Young Arena for not making me spend a fortune. Now, if only they were open every day for lunch, I would be the customer of the year.

Also let me talk about my experience at my first Black Hawks games. I definitely became a super fan this weekend by going two days in a row. It is interesting to see where players start out before they go to the pros and since we do not have a team like this in Ohio it was fun to watch. They did take a few more spills on the ice than professional teams however the referees let them fight more than in professional games which I love! Sometimes, I think we are all confused on whether we meant to go to a boxing match or hockey game when we are all cheering for the fighting, but it is the best part. There was a lot of talent on the ice and so much fan support that the atmosphere allowed everyone to have a great time even if you don’t like hockey you are guaranteed a great time!

Black Hawks you have a new mega fan and I can’t wait until the next game!