Florida Georgia Line recently released the debut single off their forthcoming third album Dig Your Roots, a love song called "H.O.L.Y." Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard filmed the music video in Australia, and in a three-minute clip they share with fans some behind-the-scenes footage.

Scenes in the video were shot at the picturesque Twelve Apostles, alongside the beach and at a series of limestone stacks at Port Campbell National Park. At the start of the video, the duo are seen at the airport about to board a helicopter before beautiful scenery of green fields and mountains are shown in the distance.

Day one of filming includes Hubbard's close-up. He is seated at a piano on top of a cliff at the Twelve Apostles, overlooking the beach.

"It's an absolute amazing, amazing afternoon here," he says. "Amazing people. It's a dream come true. We're blown away."

Meanwhile, Brian Kelley looks on in awe as his bandmate is being filmed. "Very spiritual place. No better place to shoot this video," he says. "Goosebumps, man."

The next scene finds Hubbard's wife walking on the beach for a few shots. Later, he is reciting the lyrics over and over again and tells the camera he's made a new friend — a bird who he's been singing to and the two are "really starting to connect."

"H.O.L.Y." was directed by TK McKamy, who shares that the second day of filming is situated at a volcano site that last erupted 25,000 years ago. This is where Kelley and his wife will be filmed. He adds that he collaborated with Florida Georgia Line to come up with a video that is "about respect and honor and ultimate gratitude over their wives and the woman that you desire, so long to marry and to represent your family banner and to raise your children."

Dig Your Roots will be released later this summer.

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