Not being from Iowa, I was told the ONE thing I had to do this summer was to visit Adventureland! If you have never heard of it, well neither had I until I moved here and it seems to be the summer destination. An amusement park with a water park as well and family friendly in Altoona, Iowa. Well, that is about 2 hours from me and I figured before the summer was over, I am going to go check this out.... this weekend!

The place looks MASSIVE and I don't think I will be able to get to everything there, so I asked you all what are the rides I HAVE to hit for my first time there to get the best experience.

Well, you all answered and here are the top rides you HAVE to ride on your first visit to this legendary amusement park!


Well, if this comment doesn't get you to ride this ride, I don't know what will! With the most votes, this is the number one ride you have to go on while at Adventureland. It is the first ever infinity roller coaster at Adventureland and I dare you to keep your hands up during it!

It may be over 35 years old but you may still worry about losing your lunch! It is 3,200 feet long and the first ever wooden roller coaster at Adventureland. Can't wait to try this one out!

I guess this comment explains it all. You can't go to the amusement park without checking out this 200 foot tall drop tower... I will remember not to eat before this one.

I am hoping this one becomes my new favorite too! I mean you can't really go wrong with a giant swing ride, right? Especially, when it is 260 feet off the ground and spins at speeds close to 35 mph!

And, if those suggestions weren't what you were looking for, well there are so many more rides to hit up, I doubt you will have a problem finding something you like!

Also, pro-tips from others, go during the week so it is not as busy! Of course, I am taking my life into my own hands by not following that tip but it is a great tip!

Have fun on your first trip to Adventureland!