We all know that fire alarms are important in saving people’s lives. But let’s be honest people, sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth going off at inconvenient times. I mean we all know those times where someone burned food in college or their dorm, or it was drill or went off for no reason, and yes there are some of us who stayed in our rooms instead of going outside because we knew it was a drill (we weren’t supposed to, but don’t tell anyone)!

So, this leads me to wonder, when are the worst times to have the fire alarms go off? Some of the obvious answers would be when it is cold or raining, while sleeping, eating, and after the kids go to bed. However, after a poll on Facebook, one of my favorite answers has to be while in labor! Like what do you even do in that situation? Hold the baby back in or push quickly and then run? So many questions and yet no answers!

Now when the fire alarm goes off the next time and you have to rush out of a shower, trip and fall resulting in multiple bruises, and run out of a building wearing mismatched clothes and two different shoes while having your neighbors think you have lost it, just remember at least you know your fire alarm works!