Here's a Feel Good News Story to start your day off right:

An 88-year-old man is officially retiring in May for a second time from his McDonald's drive thru job that he has held for 29 years! This guy was originally a factory worker in Minnesota until he retired when he was 60 years old. However, retirement wasn't all it cracked up to be for him so he decided to go back to work to occupy his time.

It started off as a fill-in position at the local McDonald's which did not have enough employees at the time. So the manager asked if he'd want to fill in for a couple weeks and it just so happens those couple weeks turned into 29 YEARS working the drive-thru. He's outlasted every other employee, all the managers and even the original owners!

He says he is just a people person and loves talking with them through the drive thru. Although, he would rather not be retiring for a second time, he has admitted that his aches and pains are getting the best of him and believes it is officially time to retire. He will be retiring on May 10th, which is a few days before his 89th birthday.

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