I made a special trip to Barn Stahl Farms to tackle their famous Corn Maze. I made it through, and I have the video proof.

Every time fall blows into the Cedar Valley, Barn Stahl Farms has provided "a tradition of affordable family fun Since 2007". You can spend an entire day there. They kids love the petting zoo, the hayrides, all the pumpkins, and the 'apple nachos'.

On of the main attractions each year is the famous Corn Maze, and I couldn't resist the challenge to conquer the maze. I was able to complete the entire maze... and without cheating or panicking. That being said, the video tells a different story.

I did have a great time, and like I said, I did make it through the entire maze. I did see a few take the emergency exits they have set up at a few locations. #LightWeights (LoL).

They even have signs with trivia questions. If you get enough correct, you even win a prize.