Iowa City Police apparently had their hands full during the weekend Back Porch Revival Concert at Kinnick Stadium, with a Waterloo man impersonating a police officer, and a Wisconsin man leading officers on a high speed chase.

In the first incident, 26 year old Timothy Draper of Waterloo was showing a Black Hawk County Sheriff's badge attached to his belt, while inside the concert venue; he is not a law enforcement official. He also proved to be intoxicated, with a blood alcohol content of .10. And Draper was carrying a loaded firearm.

He was arrested on charges of Impersonating a Public official, Carrying a Weapon while Intoxicated, and Public Intoxicated.

When the concert was done Saturday night, Iowa City Police attempted to pull over a motorist for a traffic violation near Kinnick Stadium. The driver, later identified as 20 year old Dylan Sockness of Wautoma, Wisconsin, sped off, leading officers on a high speed chase, going 100 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Sockness' car struck several road-closed signs, nearly striking a couple of traffic control workers.

The chase came to a halt when Sockness' car collided with a house. Sockness and a passenger, a 16 year old runaway girl from Wisconsin, sustained minor injuries; they attempted to flee on foot, but both were captured. Police had to use a Taser to get Sockness under control.

The teenage girl had several warrants for her arrest.

Sockness is being charged with eluding while participating in a felony, interference with official acts, first degree criminal mischief, and child endangerment causing bodily injury.