Motorists driving in Oelwein will be very pleased to know that the West Charles viaduct, which had been closed a month-and-a-half for renovations, will be open at noon today (Thursday, June 30).

The major route linking most of the west side of town with the east, will officially be re-opened to traffic at noon today (Thursday, June 30).

Work on the project began on May 16th, and was scheduled to be completed on July 16th; however, with favorable weather conditions, the work was done over 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

The reconstruction involved the railway bed that crosses over the top of West Charles, which will acomodate an increase in rail usage by Transco Railway Products, and Viafield, both located on the west side of Oelwein.

Drivers will also appreciate not having to drive the lengthy detours to get from one side of town to the other.