City officials in Waterloo and Cedar Falls have scheduled times when crews will be clearing snow from downtown streets.

In Waterloo, the downtown clean-up begins at 6 PM Tuesday. All vehicles parked on downtown streets must be moved to allow for effective snow removal. Vehicles left unattended after the business area is closed will be towed, city officials said.

Free parking is available in any of the downtown parking ramps until 7:00 AM Wednesday. Free parking is also available under the U.S. Highway 218 overpass.

In Cedar Falls, a snow emergency has been declared for the College Hill and downtown areas. According to city officials, a parking prohibition will be in effect from 8 PM Tuesday until 6 AM Wednesday, during which time streets will be cleared of snow. Any vehicle blocking traffic or parking on a designated "Emergency Snow Route" will be subject to a citation and tow at owner's expense.

Officials are asking motorists to use city parking lots while the snow declaration is in effect.

Also in Cedar Falls, police are reminding residents of the city's 48-hour parking ordinance. With the recent snowfall, plows and salt trucks need to be able to remove snow in all public right-of-ways to help ensure safe travel throughout the community.

Starting at 7 AM Thursday, police officers in Cedar Falls will begin ticketing vehicles that are in violation of the 48-hour ordinance. City officials warn that any vehicle not moved within 24 hours after receiving the citation will be towed at owner's expense.