If you are traveling this holiday season like I am, you know how stressful it might be. Between figuring out what to pack, making sure you have everything taken care of in your home, booking a flight, remembering where you put that ticket, getting through airport security and finally getting on a plan or getting everything packed in a car to finally start that road trip, you are exhausted before you even start the actual travel. The holidays should not be too stressful of a season but rather a break from all the stressed so I will give you some tips on how to make traveling a little easier to let you enjoy your holidays.

  1. Get your ticket, if your flying, EARLY! You will be more upset and stressed if you wait until the last minute to get a flight and there are either no available seats or you are paying an outrageous amount for a few days trip.
  2. Now that you have your ticket, DON’T LOSE IT! Worst thing in the world is losing your plane ticket or flight information the day of travel. Put it in a place you will remember and you will not be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
  3. Pack early. I am a huge procrastinator with this. Don’t spend the day of trying to pack and remember everything because more than likely you will forget something and it will probably be the important things like underwear.
  4. Speaking of forgetting things, make a list for what to pack. Then you will not forget your underwear, cell phone charger, or wallet which are really the important things.
  5. Speaking of packing, only pack what you need! No, you don’t need 15 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, 3 pairs of pants and 5 shirts for 2 days. Trust me, I have figured this out through extra fees for luggage at the airport.
  6. If you are driving, make sure to have multiple copies of directions! GPS is great but you may lose service to use it and you really do not want to be arguing about how to get somewhere and then get lost. Print extra directions off.
  7. Finally, pack up your car or get to the airport early! It will make things so much easier when you do not have to worry about lines or not getting through security on time or realizing you do not have a big enough car for everything you need to take.

Hopefully this helps you with your travels and you have safe travels! Happy Holidays!